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Lucky Little Murre

About 3 weeks ago a couple walking on the beach in Barnegat Light saw a bird trying to come ashore but the retreating waves kept pulling it back out. They were finally able to reach it and pull the poor guy out of the ocean.

He had got himself tangled up some gill netting. How he broke free with just some of netting around him, we don’t know, but he sure is lucky.

This little guy is a Thick Billed Murre. We cut the netting off and treated his wounds then brought him over to Toms River Avian Care for more care and rehab. When we arrived at TRAC with our Murre we were surprised to learn that there was another Murre there also, so they each had a buddy to rehab with. Both birds were released back out to sea last week during the warmer days.

Murres are pretty amazing, they live their whole lives out at sea except during breeding season to lay and hatch their eggs on narrow ledges of steep rocky cliffs. They have short wings but can fly and they use these short powerful wings to dive and swim to catch fish.

Murres are the most sensitive of the seabirds to oil contamination, additionally getting entangled in fishing nets are severe hazards they face in their habitat. If you get a chance look them up, they’re very interesting birds. You can also help us help all these kinds of animals we take in and care for by donating below.

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