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Poor Little Emma Was Absolutely Devastated!

This is why we value our volunteers and the time and effort they put into helping our orphans find loving homes   Emma's story is not unlike any other dog who is surrendered to a shelter but she was lucky enough to meet our amazing volunteer, Sheri, who made it her mission to make sure Emma's felt loved and happy during her stay with us. Here's Sheri's up-close and personal account of Emma's journey.

Allow me to introduce Emma ID35676. I so vividly remember the 11/18 day this poor girl was surrendered:( The woman dropped her off with her harness and blanket and bed & a full page or so written history on her:( Her displayed sincerity certainly did not make things better for Emma:(

Poor little Emma was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED! This girl only knew one owner, one house, and one way to live😪

I sat in front of her kennel and watched her shake & shake and shake while curled up on her bed and blanket that her owner left 😪 Emma stayed that way for 2 weeks😪 After the initial shock of shelter life, she went through another 2 week period of being very fearful, not knowing who she could trust or should she even trust anyone at all.... I continued to sit in front of her kennel and give her treats & try to interact. She would take treats but would curl and snarl her lips in fear:(

It’s ok sweet little Emma girl!! You see, I fully understand! I don’t blame you! If I were you, I’d do the same! But I love you and I’m not giving up on you because I want you to know that I am your friend! I want to be your best friend, and I want you to know that we all are here to find you a family this time around that won’t ever do this you you again!! Then the magic day.... as I sat in front of her kennel and gave her treats, when I put my hand to her nose, instead of snarls, she KISSED me!!!!!!! It happened, I earned her trust!!!❤️💕❤️💕

New people need to go slow because she’s still adjusting to shelter life BUT really & truly she wants to Love everyone!!!! She’s one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met!!! She’ll jump up and hug you and let you know she likes you, she’ll jump and kiss you when she loves you!! Thank you Emma for loving me!!! I promise I/we will find you the most amazing family that you deserve!!❤️🐾😘💕

Emma aced her evaluation and she LOVES other dogs!!!

Adoptable through AHS-Newark Branch, 124 Evergreen Ave, Newark, NJ - 973-824-7080.

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