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In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the month of love. And we have some wonderful ideas about love – sweet, deserving dogs and cats we’ve rescued who need a lifetime of love and devotion from you. You’ll find them, and so much more, in the February 2019 Humane News, Volume 50, No.1.

Winter is a tough time for animals, and AHS is called upon often to rescue those in need. Whether tied up and starving indoors in an unheated area, like Lyric, or left to roam the streets in the unforgiving cold, like Dream and Peggy, they are grateful to be rescued, safe, and warm. Our fourth cover dog, Mazi, was surrendered by owners who could no longer care for him, but were leery of trying to rehome him online. They all wait for you.

As always, the pages are filled with extensive news of every kind – from promising changes for circus animals to the delinquent actions of countries who flaunt international laws designed to save species from extinction. Whether local or global, medical news or environmental updates, there’s always plenty to read and learn!

Download the February 2019 Humane News here!

Humane News - February 2019

While thinking about the month of love, please remember to “Adopt – Don’t Shop” and look at our many wonderful sweethearts awaiting your heart and home on our adoption and Share-A-Pet pages. And … don’t forget to look at our Popcorn Park page where we feature some residents in need of some sponsorship love. Did we mention Happy Endings? Go look!

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AHS/Popcorn Park works hard to ensure the safety and well-being of thousands of animals all year `round, an especially difficult challenge in the winter. Please support our efforts and help us save lives with a donation today. Thank you!

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