william- abandoned in a cage on a cold winter's day

With no care or conscience, the owner of this cat bundled him up in a cage and abandoned him by the Senior Center in Hillside. It was sub-freezing weather and the local authorities reported the situation to the Associated Humane Societies in Newark.

Did the owner think that a senior member of the center would take this cat into their home? Luckily, the AHS sent an Animal Control Officer to the scene and found the cat huddled under the blankets. Even when the Animal Control Officer approached, he did not come out -- he stayed under the blankets.

He was brought back to the AHS Newark facility and was given an examination and found to be bright, alert and happy. He was given all necessary inoculations, deworming and is now up for adoption.  We call him "William" - for whatever reason, his owner could no longer keep him. But he deserved more than what they did for a well mannered but confused cat.  For more information on William, call the AHS at 973-824-7080 or e-mail Jennifer at jvuocolo@ahsppz.org and refer to File 36370-M (Newark).       

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