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kit the silver fox comes to popcorn park animal refuge

Kit was purchased at a flea market in Kentucky by a family that thought it would be neat to own a fox as a pet. They lugged the poor little fox everywhere to show him off and posted all his pics on social media. Fortunately, Fish & Wildlife also keeps an eye out on social media for just this kind of thing, (wildlife in the hands of people who aren't permitted or just shouldn't have them as pets). They tracked down the family and they confiscated the fox immediately.

Luckily one of the officers knew a local Veterinarian that was also a wildlife rehabilitator, and brought the young fox there. The veterinarian named him Kit and after Kit was cared for and in much better shape, he reached out to a classmate and good friend who happened to be our resident zoo vet. After all the paperwork with F/W was done, Kit found himself on a trip up to Popcorn Park Refuge.

Kit is a silver fox and not native to here or Kentucky, but is bred for the fur trade and sometimes sold as pets. He is too domesticated to ever be released into the wild where he is native to, but we are happy to add him to our family here at Popcorn Park. We only hope his story can bring light to the fox trade industry that breeds and kills foxes like Kit to be made into someone's fur coat. We hope he can gain a great sponsor family to show him how loved he is!  To Sponsor Kit and to get updates and photos of him throughout the year plus passes to Popcorn Park, click here.