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cookie & angel- looking for their forever valentine!

Cookie and Angel have been waiting for nine long months now to be discovered at AHS/Popcorn Park and they figured that now that Valentine's Day is coming up, what better time is there to show you how you can get double the love, and lots of it, if you open your heart and home to these giant sweethearts!

Cookie and Angel are the very best of friends that are a little over 5 1/2 years old, and have been together since they were tiny puppies.  Their family took good care of them and raised them right along with their children but when divorce happened in the family, no one could keep Cookie and Angel.  The girls were devastated to be taken from their home and brought to an unfamiliar place, but what comforted them and kept them going was the fact that they still had each other.  

Many have wanted to adopt the girls separately over the last nine months and some rescues even offered to take the girls, but could not guarantee that they could keep them together.  If you meet Cookie and Angel you'll realize.....these two can never be apart.  The girls may be a bit older for giant breeds but when they start playing in the huge yard that they have all to themselves, they are like little spry puppies.  The bounce, jump, run, grab, and roll around with each other just like they were tiny five pound pups!  While they are goofing and enjoying themselves, they are sure to stop every minute or so and check in with the human friend that is with them, as they absolutely adore all of the friends that they have made in their caretakers here.

While the girl's love of each other and their human friends emits from them like little hearts and smiley faces everywhere they go, that love does not extend to other pets.  Sure, they can pass by some dogs without reacting but Cookie and Angel cannot live with another pet, they just won't stand for it.  This may be the reason that potential adopters have been overlooking them for all this time but in our opinion, the very best and most suitable home is out there somewhere for Cookie and Angel and until they find it, they can stay with us for as long as it takes.  We do hope their wait isn't too long though, so if you're interested in these two big, goofy, silly, sweet, comical girls, come in and meet them anytime.  Call us at 609-693-1900 or email us with any questions.

Check out the video of Cookie and Angel letting off some steam after they were impeccably behaved while visiting the Bayville Manor Senior Center last fall!

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