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It looks like Spring may finally be here! A great time to think about adopting a new friend for your lap or walking companion. It’s also a great time to see what’s new in the world of animals, and we have just the thing – our latest issue of the Humane News – April 2019, Volume 50, No.2.

Our April issue sheds a spotlight on several dogs with special stories and in need of homes – Eunice, the Foxhound who was surrendered to be euthanized because she wouldn’t hunt; Freedom, who’s waited one long year to finally be free to find a loving home; Turtle, a super sweet fella with a little problem with his balance, which doesn’t stop him from loving life, and Aurora, a lovely girl found on the streets in poor condition. now waiting to be loved forever. See additional photos and fall in love … maybe invite one of them in to your home.

Inside, read about more individuals, companies … and countries! … taking steps to eliminate cruelty to animals, and become aware of those who need to step up and see how their decisions negatively impact both animals and the environment. Check out the lucky, lucky dogs and cats we’ve found great homes for in our Happy Endings section, but be sure to also look at all those waiting for that special home, too. In Society News, you’ll find all the wonderful people who make life more special for both our shelter and Popcorn Park residents – staff, volunteers, caring organizations, and kids, too! Plus check out upcoming events.

Download your April Humane News here!

Humane News - February 2019

The Humane News hopes to open your eyes to the world of animals … locally and around the world. We also want you to see the amazing things the Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park is doing right here in Jersey for animals every day … and how you can make a difference, too. Kick back with the latest issue – download it here – and know that even as you’re reading, we’re out saving a life. Won’t you make a donation and support our efforts? Thank you!

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