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Air- Abandoned By the Person He Trusted the Most...

When we look at Air we couldn’t imagine someone would give up such a friendly, happy, affectionate boy.  Air was not only given up, he was abandoned in a cage outside our AHS Newark facility during the overnight hours, without food or water.  Our cameras caught a man setting up a cage outside the shelter while his dog happily ran around waiting for his person.  Little did that dog know, the person he trusted the most was about to put him in that cage and drive off.  Unfortunately our cameras were not able to capture the license plate of the man that abandoned Air. 

Thankfully our shelter caretaker found him and brought him inside before anything happened to him.  Air was a bit scared initially, but once he knew he was safe he warmed up quickly to our staff and volunteers.  We promised Air to help him find the amazing forever home he truly deserves.

He is very people focused and loved snuggling up to our evaluators for extra attention.  Air sat for a treat and had no issues being handled while he ate from his food bowl.  He was relaxed and friendly with the male and female dogs he met outside.  Air did great during his evaluation and had a fantastic time at his first adoption event.  He was outgoing and friendly with everyone he met at the event.  We hope that this gem won’t be with us for long and that he'll get the wonderful family that he deserves real soon.  If you are interested in meeting Air, contact AHS Newark at 973-824-7080 or email: with any questions, or you could stop in at our facility at 124 Evergreen Ave., Newark.