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Mila- Suffered Neglect When Her Owner Became Ill...

Mila arrived at the AHS Newark facility in mid-March when her owner became unable to care for her any longer.  This sweet girl was extremely skinny and dehydrated.  She was immediately taken to our medical department for evaluation.  After several diagnostics were performed to determine the reason for her emaciated condition, nothing came up abnormal, so it was determined that her condition could only be tied to a lack of adequate food and water.  We later found out her owner was brought to an elderly care facility, unable to care for his own basic needs, let alone Mila's.  Our testing did reveal that Mila suffers from arthritis of the spine and hind legs, which will need to be managed going forward. 

Mila is about 5 years young, she has a resilient spirit and an incredibly affectionate demeanor.  Although we do not blame her former owner, Mila still experienced neglect and we vow to help her find the amazing home she truly deserves.  Mila is friendly, people focused and bonds quickly with her handler.  She couldn't get enough attention from our evaluators, offering cuddles and gentle kisses in return.  Mila showed no interest in the toy or bone we offered her.  She accepted treats gently from our fingers and was relaxed with all handling as she ate from her food bowl.  Mila was a bit uncomfortable with the dogs she met outside.  If you have another dog, please bring them to meet Mila for a few meet n' greets and we'll see how it goes.  

(Mila is pictured here, enjoying some R&R with volunteer, Cory)

You can meet Mila anytime at 124 Evergreen Ave., Newark.  Contact AHS Newark at 973-824-7080 or email: with any questions.  Please consider making a donation on behalf of Mila, and all of the pets that come to us for help.  Our ResQ Fund is what enables us to do everything in our power to get pets like Mila back on their feet, and into good homes.  

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