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popcorn park rescues goats from hoarding situation

We recently assisted with the ongoing rescue of over 100 goats from a hoarding situation in South Jersey. Caitlin and Lauren from Rancho Relaxo and Happy Heart Happy Farm, respectively, began the daunting task of finding homes for all of these goats at local sanctuaries and rescues. The original owner of the goats had finally realized she was in over her head. We are all very thankful that she realized she needed help and reached out to these two rescue groups instead of abandoning them or selling them for meat. Although it may seem easy to point blame on the owner, we ask all to remain respectful and not post negative comments. They have now moved over half of them out to rescues, neutering all the males and are looking for more rescues to help out.

Popcorn Park took in a family of seven and another family of four. These goats are semi-feral, having only known and trusted their owner. It will take some time to get used to their new homes and new people. After just a couple days here they are starting to trust us already...molasses treats really help in the, “get to know us“ process. 

A few days after their arrival, one of the females gave birth to a healthy kid, so that makes 12 new residents. They all are being quarantined from our other goats until they are vaccinated and cleared by our veterinarians. Until then, they will remain separate and given the time and patience needed to make this transition easier on them.

We are so thankful to our generous supporters who contribute to our Res-Q Fund.  This is the fund that enables us to help in situations such as this, where we open our doors to animals in need, and provide them with everything they need to live full and happy lives.  Please consider making a donation to our Res-Q Fund, or perhaps become a sponsor of one of our goats that are in the Wildlife Club, and reside here at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge.  

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