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Neeks- Her Whole Body Aching, Yet Still Wagging Her Tail

Can you just imagine your dog being in this horrid, painful condition, and not doing everything in your power to help her?  It seems the only thing her owner did was scribble her name on a plastic name tag and attach it to her choke chain, and put a cheap flea collar around her neck.  Neeks was allegedly found as a stray in such a sad state.  And, as is usually the case, the worst things happen to the nicest of pets.

Neeks was brought to us at AHS/Popcorn Park by someone that said they found her wandering around in this dreadful state.  This incredibly sweet boxer stood before us, her whole body bleeding and oozing, and with tears in her eyes, yet at the first touch she received, her tail began wagging.  It is obvious that Neeks was a family pet.  She is an angel- housebroken, polite, well-mannered, a perfect leash-walker, and just as friendly and loving as they come.  Yet someone let her get in this condition and one could argue that maybe she just had a skin infection that they could not afford to treat, but why, then, let her go?  As if it wasn't bad enough that Neeks was in terrible pain and discomfort every day, but then her family turned their back on her too.

Not only does Neeks have a terrible skin infection, she also had a severe urinary tract infection as well as some other conditions that we are treating.  Her eyes, ears, belly, and entire body hurt and ache, yet she can't stop wagging her tail when we take her for walks and give her attention.  She is such a sweetheart and we can't wait for the day when her body is all healed up and she can begin her search for a good home, with a family that will love and care for her the way she deserves.

Neeks will be under medical care for as long as it takes to get her well again, which includes getting medicated baths, having laser treatments on her skin every other day, and taking a variety of medications.  Please consider making a donation toward her care, as all of this does not come without a cost.  Thanks to our kind and compassionate supporters, we are able to help this beautiful, sweet, deserving girl, and so many others like her.  Please stay tuned for more from Neeks.

UPDATE JUNE 22:  Check out the latest video of Neeks!  She seems to feeling a bit better already.  She's got a spring in her step, and still never stops wagging that tail!

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