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bella- what a difference a year makes

You may recall the sad, sad story of two distraught Dogo Argentino sisters that were subjected to such harsh, cruel treatment in the summer of 2018.  Nyla and Bella were abandoned in a Newark apartment when their owner was carted off to prison.  We'll never understand how no one noticed the two dogs, locked up in cages in the kitchen, while their owner was taken away, but two weeks went by before someone finally called our AHS/Newark facility about the starving, dehydrated dogs.

Nyla and Bella were skin and bones when they were removed from their hellish existence in those cages.  They spent a great deal of time under medical care for a variety of conditions that were a result of the treatment they received both before their owner was taken away and after they were abandoned.  Slowly but surely, Bella began recovering, putting on weight, and putting the whole experience behind her.  Sadly, the same cannot be said for her sister.  Nyla never fully recovered from her ordeal and went into renal failure.  Despite all of our efforts to reverse the damage caused to her internal organs and digestive system, it was all just too much for Nyla to recover from, and she passed away shortly after her arrival.  (Rest in peace Nyla, pictured at right)

Bella has been through so much, yet you will never see this girl without a big smile on her face, and her tail wagging like crazy.  Can you just imagine being left behind, starved, terrified, and losing the only family you've ever known?  Bella is one strong girl, that's for sure.  She's around four years old and has an amazingly sweet, loving personality.  She bonds with people quickly and wants nothing more than to cuddle up beside you and get all the attention that you'll give her.  Bella doesn't have much experience with kids so she will need a child and cat-free home, but she gets along fine with most dogs and adores people.  She's been waiting for so long now to be offered the great home she deserves.

Please check out Bella's video and come to AHS/Popcorn Park to meet her in person.  If you can't adopt Bella, you can sponsor her, since she's been added to our Share-A-Pet program while she awaits her forever family.  She's been through so much and has come through it all with a smile on her face.....let's give her a home and a family too.  Call 609-693-1900 or email: for more information about Bella.

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