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Summer’s here – a great time to take us along and catch up on animal news, local and around the globe. We’re easy to carry to the beach or the pool – if you’ve got your phone or tablet, we’d love to come along!  So please enjoy the August issue, Volume 50, No.4.

AHS is encountering increasing numbers of dogs and cats put in cages and abandoned in both public places and inside vacant homes. This issue features some who were fortunate enough to be rescued – Teddy our cover dog, and Fred and Wilma inside on page 12. Our cover rescues also include Neeks, a stray suffering with horrible skin problems left untreated, and Coco, a Chihuahua who knew years of abuse, but has learned to trust. These wonderful pups and many more on our adoption and Share-A-Pet pages – cats, too! – wait for your love and home to make their life complete.

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We have plenty of news of all kinds – dog meat markets closing in South Korea; a Canadian ban on marine mammals in captivity; re-opened elephant hunting in Botswana; and the proposed expansion of hunting and fishing on U.S. wildlife refuges, plus updates on many more important animal issues, legislation, court rulings, and more. Lots of great news at the Society, too, sweeties at Popcorn Park who’d love your support, and Happy Endings to make you smile.

Humane News - August 2019

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