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the amazing transformation of yogi the yorkie

We'll never understand why people obtain pets that they can't, or won't care for.  They must know, when they see the fluffy little puppy in the window, or the long-haired and luxurious cat, that they need help in maintaining those lavish looks, yet time and time again, pets come to us that were made to be poofy and adorable, but their owners let them get poopy and dreadful.  People just never learn.

The latest to be neglected beyond belief is this tiny little guy named Yogi.  Yogi is a petite Yorkie that is just around 2 years old.  He was brought in to our AHS Newark facility by Animal Control when he was found as a stray.  Being small, alone and scared on the streets of a big city must have been bad enough for Yogi, but in his condition, he must have been in pain and so uncomfortable besides everything else.

He was positively thrilled to be taken to the cool, safe facility, and his first stop was to see the wonderful AHS- Newark groomer, Sandy.  It was quickly discovered that Yogi's coat wasn't just long, matted and dirty, but it was also hiding a plethora of items that must have been very painful to have stuck to his little body.  Four small plastic balls were matted and twisted into his coat, along with a few other decorative items that were stuck to him long ago.  After a good, long spa day, Yogi shed his mess of a coat and is like a brand new boy!