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rose- because she deserved a second chance...

When a plea went out from a rescue group in Delaware that needed immediate placement for a poor old English Mastiff that was found wandering the streets one day, we needed only to look at her picture to know that we needed to help.  We didn't know much;  just that she was 9 years old, she was a stray, and she was very sweet.  When Rose arrived, we realized that there was so much more to her story, and that we did the right thing in agreeing to help her.

It's obvious that Rose led a rough life, and we'll never know if she was a dog that was chained-up in someone's backyard, forgotten about, or if she was someone's pet that was just neglected, but poor Rose was frankly, a real mess.  Her hair was falling out from a terrible skin infection, her eyes and ears were  infected, she has painful arthritis and hypothyroidism that was not being managed, and worst of all, she had a terrible case of pneumonia.  Her pneumonia was so bad at one point that we were unsure if she would pull through, but Rose is a tough and strong old girl, and she made it.

In the two months that Rose has been with us, to say she has made progress is putting it mildly.  She is unrecognizable from the sad, sick dog that couldn't even walk in when she arrived.  With lots of medications, baths, a special diet, and the good luck of the Vinnie Van Gogh Recovery Suite, Rose is doing phenomenally these days.  She's eating good, itching less, she upbeat and spunky, trotting after peacocks that she spots while out for a walk, and she is loving life.  We are thrilled to say that Rose is going to make it, and she is even ready to start searching for a very special home where she'll get to live out her life in peace and comfort.

Rose will need a home with no other pets or with a very mellow, passive dog that won't cause her any grief at all.  She is a bit aloof when she first meets someone new, but within seconds of knowing you, she's your very best friend that will slap you with a big paw for some attention.  She's easy going, mellow, housebroken, and such a gentle giant.  She will need supplements for her arthritis indefinitely as well as (inexpensive) meds for hypothyroidism.

Rose is so deserving of a great home and if you can offer her that, please come in and meet her.  If you can't adopt Rose, please consider making a donation on her behalf to our ResQ Fund.  Without our ResQ Fund, we wouldn't be able to help animals like Rose, that had nowhere else to go when they needed help.  Please call 609-693-1900 or email: for more info on Rose, or stop in AHS/Popcorn Park in Forked River to meet her.

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