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Taz- overbred & neglected, gets a fresh start

This beautiful 8 year old lady was surrendered to the AHS Newark facility in such a sad state.  Her owner turned her in due to landlord issues, but it's a shame that she wasn't surrendered long ago, before she became so neglected, before she had her ears so badly cropped, and before she was so overbred.  Thankfully, she is with us now, and finally getting the help that she needs.

We can only imagine the large mass hanging from Taz's vulva area did not appear overnight. Sadly, we see a lot of dogs like Taz enter our facility, ears cropped, over bred and discarded. How their owners can look at them everyday and not get them the help that they need is just beyond us.  Taz underwent surgery to remove the large mass that must have caused her quite a bit of discomfort over time, and she also had a large mammary tumor removed.  She pulled through the surgery like a real trooper and doing fantastic now, and is ready for a new, loving home.  

Besides seeing the neglect and abuse that we see come through our doors every day, we also see how affectionate, loving and special these dogs truly are; such a resilient spirit that continues to shine no matter what they have been through. This is exactly the case with Taz. She is such an affectionate girl, with a constantly wagging tail and huge smile on her face. Taz aced her evaluation, she had no issues sharing her toy or being handled at the food bowl. Taz was playful and friendly meeting a female dog outside. She would love to meet you, and become a part of your family.

Check out the video of Taz enjoying her time with her new friends at AHS Newark.

If you're interested in meeting Taz, stop by AHS Newark at 124 Evergreen Ave. anytime, or call 973-824-7080 or email: for more information.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Taz, and the many others that come to us in need of help, and are never turned away. 

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