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Murphy- Tortured By a Prong Collar for So Long

Some may say that prong collars are the way to go while training your dog.  People will argue the many benefits of these collars, trainers will recommend for those, "extra difficult" dogs that pull quite a bit on a leash.  In some cases, they may very well have their benefits, if used properly.  But more often than not, they are not used properly.  Does it look like this dog benefited from his prong collar?  Was this used properly?  This poor guy, Murphy, would argue against the use of prong collars on anyone, ever again.

Murphy is a big boy with a bright blue eye that was found in this terrible condition one night in Irvington, NJ.  The ACO brought him to our AHS Newark facility where he was found with this atrocious wound on his neck from his large, steel, prong collar.  Since the wound was scabbed over in some spots and open in others, it's safe to assume that this collar has been torturing this dog for quite some time, and it was an enormous relief for him when it was finally removed.  Murphy was taken to the medical department where his wound was examined and treated.  The wound required extensive cleaning and he was put on antibiotics to prevent infection.

Murphy is only about 3 1/2 years old and this poor guy must have had quite a life of misery.  He didn't want much to do with anyone at first, and who could blame him?  Would you ever trust anyone to treat you kindly again after being treated like this?  Eventually, he did begin to trust.  Murphy realized that he was in good hands, and that no one would ever let any pain or harsh treatment come to him again.

Murphy has been recuperating from his ordeal for the last few weeks and he has come to know and love his caretaker very much.  When Murphy trusts you, he bonds with you intently.  He will need a home with a family that is experienced, and that will take their time to let Murphy get to know and love them.  He definitely will, but he just needs a little extra time.  As you can see from his recent pictures of him enjoying himself in the pool with one of his friends, nothing makes him happier than spending time with someone he loves!