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Maggie- Rescued From the Streets in Such a Sad State

At this stage in Maggie's life, she shouldn't have a care in the world.  She should have a good, comfortable home, a family that loves her and treats her as one of their own, and all of her needs should be tended to.  This was far from the case for Maggie, when she was found in such a sad state wandering the streets of Hillside, NJ one August day.

Maggie had to have had a home at some point, but when she was found, you couldn't tell if anyone ever cared about her.  She was so thin and dirty, and had an enormous mass hanging from the side of her mouth.  She was thrilled to be rescued, and was taken to the AHS Newark facility where she was fed, made comfortable, and evaluated by the medical department.  The mass was biopsied and found to be benign, and Maggie underwent surgery to have it removed.  Once she recovered from surgery, Maggie was transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park to begin her search for a new family, that will treat her with all of the love and respect she deserves.

Maggie is such a beautiful, sweet, gentle girl that is about 8 years old.  Since her surgery, Maggie is all cleaned up and feeling like a brand new girl.  She's putting on weight, eating well, and just loving life.  Maggie has some arthritis to contend with, but she gets around just fine and even enjoys chasing the occasional tennis ball!  Maggie is perfectly behaved, so very gentle, and seems fine with easy going dogs.  She has a bit of a prey drive so a home with no cats is best.  

This beautiful girl would love to curl up beside you on the couch, and have you love her for the rest of her life.  If you're  interested in Maggie, come and meet her at AHS/Popcorn Park or call 609-693-1900 and refer to File# 40618 for more info.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on her behalf.  If not for our ResQ Fund, we wouldn't be able to treat the deserving pets that come to us every day for help.  

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