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recovering after being tied to a pole and left for dead

We do not have all of the details of this horrific case of animal cruelty yet, but what we know is just sickening and heartbreaking.  We need the public's help in locating the needle in the vast haystack- the perpetrator that committed this heinous act of cruelty against this dog.

This young, female pit bull was brought to the AHS Newark facility on Monday morning by the ACO for Irvington, NJ.  The dog was found in this horribly injured state, tied to a pole on Ellis Ave., Irvington.  She obviously sustained severe injuries to her face, whether intentionally or accidentally, it is still unclear.  She was tied to the pole and left for dead, in a horrible state of pain and suffering.  

She was immediately taken to the AHS Newark medical department for examination and the veterinarian found her to be an incredibly sweet and friendly dog, even in this terrible state.  Multiple wounds and punctures to her muzzle, face, and right eye were found as well as swelling and infection.  The wounds look to be several days old, which means that this poor dog was suffering for days with her wounds left untreated before she was finally abandoned in such a cruel manner.  How someone could look this poor dog in the eyes, seeing her suffering and struggling, and not even care about her pain is simply beyond our comprehension.  

She was made comfortable with medications and transported to an outside veterinarian for further treatment and, if needed, overnight care.  Her wounds were cleaned and treated and she is now resting comfortably.  She will be transported back to one of our AHS facilities to continue recuperating from her traumatic experience.  Thankfully, as of now, it does not appear that she will have any serious, lasting damage to her right eye, but time will tell.  We ask that you consider a donation to our ResQ Fund on her behalf, which will help us to provide her everything that she needs to make a full recovery.

Although it is certainly a long shot, given the area that this poor girl was found in, we would positively love to find the heartless, soulless individual responsible for this dog's suffering.  If anyone knows anything about this case or the owner of this dog, please, please come forward.  We are offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator in this case.  Please contact or call 609-693-1900 with any information.

Thank you for your support, and we will update again soon on this sweet dog's recovery.

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