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update on iris, tied to a pole and left for dead

(Check out the original story of Iris here)

Can you believe that this is the same dog that we told you about less than two week ago?  We can't believe it ourselves.  The difference in this sweet girl is just incredible.  We'll never know what she went through or how she came to be so severely injured, and despite our attempts and our offer of a reward, we'll likely never know who is responsible for this.   We do know that she is one strong, resilient, loving dog, that overcame a horrendous ordeal and already put it behind her.  

She was found tied to a pole on Ellis Ave. in Irvington, NJ on September 23rd.  It first appeared that she had been beaten, as her bloodied and swollen face suggested such an attack.  We later discovered punctures to her face, which are evidence of an attack by another dog.  You can only imagine the kind of person that left her tied to that pole......whether they physically abused her or not, they are still to blame for the horrific suffering that she endured. 

This young, female pittie was taken to our AHS Newark facility where she went straight to the medical department and had her wounds tended to.  She was later transferred to TLC Pet Doctor in Union, NJ where she was under the care of Dr. Karen Negrin over the weekend.  Everyone that came in contact with this darling little lady fell in love with her immediately!  Even in the sad and painful state she was in, all she wanted to do was cuddle up to everyone and get loads of attention.  

Unfortunately, when it was time for Iris (as she was named over the weekend) to be transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park, she had another setback- her uterus prolapsed.  She was rushed to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital on Monday, where she underwent the very involved procedure to treat this condition.  The surgeon, Dr. Ryan Ford, saw what we meant about Iris being ridiculously sweet as she showered him with kisses the moment she awoke from anesthesia.  

Iris is now at AHS/Popcorn Park where she is the happiest she's probably ever been in her life.  She is recovering in our Vinnie Van Gogh Recovery Suite where she hasn't a care in the world, and she's loving being spoiled and pampered all day by our staff.  She is making incredible progress in her recovery and we expect that she'll be able to begin her search for a great home in a few weeks, when we are sure that she is fully healed.

Check out the latest video of Iris on the mend and enjoying herself!

We cannot thank all of you enough for the outpouring of support that you have shown for Iris.  We had hoped that sharing her story and offering a reward would help in locating the person responsible for this act of cruelty, but no such luck.  But Iris is definitely feeling the love from all of you, and we are so grateful for your donations toward her care.  As you can imagine, specialty vet hospitals, surgeries, and lots of medications do not come without cost, and you all have helped immensely.  Thank you so much.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Iris and so many others like her, that come to us in desperate need of help every day.  We will update again soon on this happy little lady!

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