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Ava- Found Caged on the Streets of Newark

We'll never understand how people can allow a beloved pet to suffer so needlessly and do nothing about it.  How can one have a pet for so long, knowing that they depend on them entirely, watch their condition deteriorate, and do nothing about it?  Then, when looking at them in the filthy, neglected state becomes too bothersome, they just dump them like a piece of trash.  No pet deserves this, yet it happens time and time again, and no one is ever made to answer for the cruelty that they've shown a pet that loved them and depended on them.  Once again, it's happened to a sweet, senior dog that should have been given up long ago, before she was allowed to get in such a sad state.

Ava was brought to the AHS Newark facility by someone that claimed to have found her in a cage on the streets of Newark.  Weighing in at just nine pounds, the little Yorkie was missing most of the hair on her back and the hair that she did have on the rest of her body was overgrown, matted, and covered in urine and feces.  In addition to her owner neglecting her grooming needs, medical examination revealed that poor Ava had neglected teeth as well, with several missing.  She has multiple mammary masses, and she has a bad cold to top it all off.  What on earth this poor little dog must have been feeling.....

Ava had a nice warm bath, a grooming, got herself on some good antibiotics, and plopped herself down on a comfy pillow for a well-deserved rest.  All through her medical exam and grooming, Ava just couldn't be any sweeter.  Her grooming was no easy task either, with feces caked under her nails that took lots of scrubbing to get clean, yet Ava didn't complain the whole time and was grateful to finally get the care and attention that she was lacking for so long.  

Ava is resting comfortably at AHS Newark and hopes to find a new home with a family that will give her all of the love that she so freely gives everyone she meets.  If you're interested in Ava, contact AHS Newark with questions at 973-824-7080 or email: and refer to File# 42026.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Ava and the countless others that come to us for help, knowing that our doors will always be open to animals in need.

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