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lance- another victim of cruelty gets a second chance

Cuts all over.....pieces of flesh torn from his legs.....ears cropped so closely to his head that they may as well be nonexistent, you can only imagine the kind of life this poor dog has had.  Yet, as we see so many times in cases such as these, the dog is just so nice, sweet, and grateful for getting the help that he has desperately needed for so long.  

The latest victim of cruelty to come off of the harsh streets of Newark, NJ is Lance, a stocky little pit bull of around four years old that was brought to AHS Newark by someone who claimed to have found him in their backyard.  This poor pup has endured unimaginable pain and cruelty, thanks to some sick individual that likely made a good deal of money off of him in one way or another.  Lance has punctures and cuts all over his very thin body, and on his front leg, a large piece of flesh has been torn off.  His hind end is a disaster and his tail was either broken or bitten off.  Poor Lance couldn't be happier though, to finally be in good hands.

Lance was transferred to TLC Vet in Union, NJ for emergency medical treatment.  What remained of his mangled tail was amputated, and his leg was stitched up as well.  His many wounds were tended to and Lance is now on several medications to treat his pain and infections.  He is back at AHS Newark where he rests comfortably, enjoys good meals, and gets lots of attention from his many new human friends who will never allow any harm to come to him again.