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tessie and her pups start life out right at ahs

Poor Tessie has had such a tough time of it in her young life, but things can only get better from here on out.  At just around a year old, the shy and sweet pit bull has already endured so much.  She was brought to the AHS Newark facility in early October in such a sad state.  Tessie was living a life of neglect, and by the looks of her, she lived her life in fear too.  She had bite marks all over her that were obviously from the three male dogs that she lived with, and a variety of other medical issues too.

A thorough medical examination of Tessie revealed so much more than just superficial bite wounds;  she was anemic due to such a severe flea infestation, she was dehydrated from chronic diarrhea, she had terrible ear infections, she needed to be carried in and out to use the bathroom because she was so scared and weak, and to top it all off, Tessie was pregnant.  It's safe to say that Tessie sure had a lot to contend with, but this young momma still was so happy to be cared for and getting lots of attention from her new friends, something she likely never had before.

Tessie was transferred to our AHS Tinton Falls facility where she gave birth to a litter of 14 puppies.  Sadly, due to her compromised health, half of Tessie's litter were stillborn.  She is such a wonderful mom to her seven puppies though, and is so thankful to have had them in a good, safe place where she has everything that she needs to raise healthy, strong puppies.  Once the puppies are old enough, both them and Tessie will be looking for wonderful homes where they'll be loved and cared for the way they deserve to be.  For more information on Tessie and her pups, please contact AHS Tinton Falls at 732-922-0100 or email: 

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