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The holidays are upon us, and what better time to read heartwarming stories of rescued animals than now? Ad well as those now loving life in their forever homes! Our lead stories feature animals we rescued who were in truly desperate straits – Iris, tied to a pole and beaten; Tessie, living in fear and neglect and giving birth; 22 cats living in horrendous conditions in a hoarding situation. We’re giving them – and so many more – the joy of the holidays for very possibly the first time in their life.

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We have some special features, too. With November being Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month – take a look at some of our lovable seniors waiting for their forever homes. And also check out all our sweeties for adoption – both cats and dogs – and new Share-A-Pets. We have some lovely snow bunnies on our Popcorn Park page who’d love some sponsors, too.

Humane News - Holiday 2019

And news? We have plenty of that! There’s so much going on in the world about animals – globally and locally – news to make you glad, and news that will make you angry – but it’s by your being aware that you can make a change and help animals everywhere.

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