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Star is Thankful to Be Safe and Fed This Holiday Season

We can only imagine what this sweet little lady has endured in her life, or what she would have endured in the future, if she had not been found when she was.  Like so many other unlucky dogs in the inner city, Star ended up in the hands of someone that never saw her as a living, breathing being that needed love, care, and attention.  We've seen it so many times, and most times, it never turns out that this is some long-lost beloved pet.  Unfortunately, it is usually an unfortunate dog that was obtained by someone that didn't want a pet, but rather a guard dog, or a source of income.  When the dog doesn't turn out to be as protective or profitable as they had hoped, they just put them out on the streets to get hit by a car, starve, or fall into worse hands than they started out in.  Thankfully, Star was lucky and was rescued before that could happen.

Star was weak and starving when she arrived at the AHS Newark facility on November 14th.  Weighing just 27 pounds, the adult pit bull mix was about 30 pounds underweight.  She had open sores on her legs and on her body, and various fresh lacerations and old scars.  What she went through in the past, we'll never know, but she sure didn't hold any of it against anyone.  This adorable little dog with the skeletal frame was overjoyed to get care and attention from the staff and was so happy to be safe, warm, and fed.

Star spent about a week in AHS Newark where she enjoyed comfy blankets, lots of good meals and medical care, and plenty of love and attention.  She has been transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park to continue on with her recovery.  In less than two weeks, Star has already put on seven pounds and although she is still under medical care for anemia due to malnutrition and an upper respiratory infection, she just couldn't be happier.  She is an extremely sweet, affectionate dog that makes friends with new people instantly.  She wants nothing more than to sit on your feet and soak up all the attention you'll give her.  We just adore this young girl and are looking forward to the day that she'll be plump, healthy, and ready to move on to a new home.  

In the meantime, she's loving life and Star is getting everything that she needs to make a full recovery, thanks to those that contribute to our ResQ Fund.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund because without it, we could never provide for such deserving animals, like Star.  We will update again soon on Star's condition and hope that in her next set of pictures, no more ribs will be showing!  For info on Star, contact AHS/Popcorn Park at 609-693-1900 and refer to File#42707.

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