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Huckleberry- Wandering the Streets With a Giant Tumor on His Neck

Sometimes around the holidays, people are just so giving and compassionate that it's easy to forget that cruelty and neglect is still happening every single day.  Then an animal arrives that brings us sharply back to reality.  Right around Thanksgiving, little Huckleberry brought us back to reality.  While other pets were enjoying the holiday, warm and indoors, this little terrier mix was wandering the streets of Linden, NJ, alone, afraid, and in pain.  Huckleberry surely had a home at some point, but it's obvious that he was severely neglected in that home, judging by the grapefruit-sized tumor that was hanging from his neck, and then tossed out in the cold when they couldn't bother to provide for him any longer.

Huckleberry was picked up by our AHS Newark Animal Control and he was taken straight to a veterinary hospital for treatment for this dangerous tumor.  Dr. Karen Negrin of TLC Pet Doctor in Union examined little Huckleberry and performed the surgery to remove the large tumor.  The surgery went well and a biopsy was taken of the tumor and sent out for testing.  We're hoping for good results and in the meantime, Huckleberry is doing great and recovering nicely.  We'll never understand how someone could have let this sweet little guy get in this condition but thankfully, that sad part of his life is over now.

Huckleberry is recovering at AHS/Popcorn Park where he is resting, relaxing on cozy blankets, eating good, feeling good, and making friends every day.  He is the nicest little dog that doesn't hold anything against anyone.  In addition to this tumor not being taken care of by his former family, he shows signs of being neglected overall.  He will be groomed and cleaned up after he is completely recovered but for now, he is happy and feeling like a brand new pup.  Huckleberry is probably only around 5 years old and has his whole life ahead of him.  He'll be looking for a wonderful home to spend it in soon, so if you're interested in Huckleberry, contact AHS/Popcorn Park at 609-693-1900 or email:

Please consider making a donation toward Huckleberry's care.  Thanks to our ResQ Fund and the generous, compassionate people who contribute to it, we are able to help animals in need, like Huckleberry, when they have nowhere else to turn.  Thanks so much for your support!

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