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Creed- Rescued After Being Abandoned in a Garage in Irvington

We have a feeling that this will be a very happy holiday indeed for this young boxer mix!  As you can see, his life was far from happy up until October, when he was rescued from the deplorable conditions that he was left in by some heartless individual.  We'll never understand how people can do this.  What's the point in chaining up a dog like this?  We wonder if he was supposed to be a guard dog and if so, what we he guarding?  Garbage?  This sweet boy deserved so much better than this.  

Creed was found abandoned in a garage in Irvington, NJ and was living amid filth and trash.  With no food or water in sight, he was just skin and bones.  Creed was chained to the wall- for what purpose, we'll never know.  He was thrilled to be rescued when a neighbor spoke up and called Animal Control.  Creed was taken to our AHS Newark facility where he was so happy to be warm and fed.  He was later transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park where he's been putting on weight, and was neutered and had several broken teeth removed.  Creed is feeling like a brand new pup and is eager to get on with his life in a new, loving home.  

Creed is only around 3 years old and it's obvious that at some point, likely a long time ago, someone cared about him.  He was taught good manners and sits instantly when asked.  He just adores people and can't get enough attention.  Creed is not a fan of other animals so he'll need to be the only pet in the home.  It's no wonder that he wasn't properly socialized with other pets in his young life.  He's playful, full of spunk and energy, and is such a happy and bubbly boy that has put his sad past behind him.