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briana- lost an ear, but not her beautiful personality

How does an animal that has been treated so harshly by humans become so loving, forgiving, and affectionate?  Just ask Briana.  She is the meaning of the word, "resilience".  Briana undoubtedly received some very cruel treatment throughout her life, yet as soon as she meets you, she wants nothing more than to be near you and soak up every bit of attention that you'll give her. 

We'll never know how Briana fell into the hands of a cruel and heartless individual that wanted her for other purposes than that of being a pet.  She was found in an abandoned house in Irvington, NJ, one November day by the Irvington Police Dept.  AHS Newark was notified of this poor, defeated dog that was likely being stored for dog-fighting purposes, as evidenced by her mangled ear and old puncture wounds throughout her body.  Briana was transported by the ACO to TLC Vet in Union, NJ, where Dr. Negrin got to work cleaning Briana's wounds.  It seemed that most of Briana's injuries were old and healed over, but her injured ear looked to be salvageable.  As soon as Dr. Negrin began cleaning the injured ear, it actually fell off!  Although her wound was healed, can you imagine the pain she suffered when the injury was new and left untreated for so long?

Briana spent some time healing up and was then transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park where we absolutely fell in love with this sweetheart.  She's about 5 years old and she clearly put her sad past behind her and holds nothing against anyone.  Briana adores people and actually whines to get closer to you, even jumping up into your lap when she can manage it!  To further prove how forgiving she is, Briana is even pretty good with other larger dogs, though she prefers a feline-free home.  She's ready to move on now with a family of her own that will spoil and love her, and it's all thanks to our donors for enabling us to give her all of the help that she needed to be healthy and happy again.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Briana, and the many like her that need a helping hand.

Come and meet Briana at AHS/Popcorn Park!  Call 609-693-1900 or email: for more info.

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