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toni- wounded and broken, but so happy to get help!

Looking at little Toni with her wiggly rearend and her darling underbite, you would never know that there was ever anything wrong with her.  You'd never know that she suffered so much because someone just didn't care to get her the help that she needed when she needed it.  We wonder if there was a time when Toni lost hope, and wondered if anyone cared enough to help her.  But now, all she shows you is love and happiness. 

Toni was picked up by our AHS Newark facility last November when she was found as a stray in such sad shape.  She had scrapes and abrasions all over her and a gaping wound in the middle of her chest.  She was taken directly to TLC Vet in Union, NJ, where her wounds were tended to and the chest wound was treated.  Due to the size of the wound, it was very difficult to close.  Toni spent some time being cared for by Dr. Negrin at TLC and was later transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park to continue on with her recovery.

Besides the chest wound, Toni also had an old fracture in her leg that left her with a good deal of arthritis.  Despite all that Toni went through, nothing could get her down.  She was overjoyed to get lots of attention, and when laser treatments began on her chest wound,  she was only too happy to trot down to medical and behave like the perfect little lady through her daily treatments.  While we'll never know how she got in this state, we can only guess that someone, somewhere was responsible for Toni's suffering.  How anyone could look at her sweet little face and let her suffer though, is beyond us.

After several weeks of medical treatment, Toni is feeling like a brand new puppy!  This 6-ish year old girl has some arthritis and some scars, but she is nearly as good as new and she is eager to get herself into a great home where she'll be loved and cared for far better than she was in the past.  Toni is so grateful to get the extensive amount of medical care that she needed, thanks to our supporters who contribute to our ResQ Fund.  Please consider making a donation on behalf of Toni, and the many others like her that come to us in their hour of need. 

You can meet Toni anytime at AHS/Popcorn Park, and call 609-693-1900 or email: for more info about her.  Thanks so much for your support!

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