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The Associated Humane Societies helps animals in so many ways; you only need look at our April cover and see Daphany, Daisy and Nessa – all sweet and wonderful girls who were in urgent need of healing, and thanks to AHS, now wait for their forever homes.

Did you know we have a Mobile Unit operating out of our Newark shelter that travels to numerous municipalities offering lower-cost spay/neuter and routine vet services? With a special grant to address the feral cat population in Essex County, we will be helping more cats than ever! Would you say that our staff making a special trip on Thanksgiving just to reunite a distraught little boy with his missing special needs dog was helping? How about our providing life-saving heart surgery to Pelusa, one of our orphans?

Read about the many ways we make a difference - download the April Humane News!

Humane News - April 2020

And more … we have New Beginnings for Society orphans, all former Share-A-Pets! Dogs and cats waiting to be adopted into loving homes at each of our shelters;  kitties to be sponsored on Share-A-Pet,  plus wonderful animals to be sponsored on the Wildlife Club; upcoming events; well, we could go on …

And … don’t just be aware of the latest animal news -- know how recent developments affect you and your animals! Do you know where your chicken nuggets are now coming from? What dog food is recalled? Why to avoid roadside zoos? Or … how you can protect the rainforest just by your choice of Easter candy?

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We work every day to make a difference to animals. Won’t you make a difference, too, and help support our efforts? Thank you.

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