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Wanted:  Sponsors of Our Baboon Boys!

Over 4 years ago we happily welcomed a troop (group) of baboons into our refuge and hearts. The man who had cared for them became very ill and could no longer provide for them. Unfortunately, many of our animals end up here because of this reason. Thankfully we were able to help and take these four “dapper dudes”. So, let me introduce you to our troop...

Gandalf is the most dominant of the four baboons, it is very apparent he is the decision-maker, although he has a right-hand man, Aragorn. Aragorn is next in line and closest to Gandalf, they are very much like brothers and kings, as they protect everyone, and they often oversee the group equally. He is confident in his position in the troop, and, like Gandalf, is kind in his treatment of Legolas and Frodo. Legolas has an interesting position in this small troop of baboons - sometimes he fits in and hang out with Gandalf and Aragorn and sometimes he is best buddies and hangs out with Frodo. In asserting his position in the group Legolas can sometimes be overly pushy to Frodo because he lacks the confidence of Gandalf and Aragorn, and on these occasions, Frodo stands up to Legolas. Legolas backs down and all is well again. Frodo is the most submissive of the four and at the bottom of the troop. This is not a bad thing, just how the natural order works best. However, he is sometimes the "guinea pig" of the group. For example, when something new is added to their enclosure, there is much grunting (discussing the issue) from all and Frodo is elected the one who must see what it is and that it's safe, unless it's food of course. There is always plenty for all of them though, and Frodo lacks for nothing, happy knowing he is well protected by the other three.

Can you believe that combined, they have less than 10 sponsors?  Let’s show these guys some love by sponsoring them.  Your sponsorship entitles you to free admission, for the length of your sponsorship, to the zoo. You will also receive personalized letters, pictures and a special holiday card from your sponsored animal.  Your sponsorship also supports the work that we do here at Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, which includes opening our doors to animals in need, like our four baboon friends.  Please click on their names to sponsor Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, or Frodo.  A one year sponsorship is just $60, but helps more than you can imagine.  Thanks so much for your help!

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