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tyson found starving and with neurological issues

We would love to know what went on in this adorable pup's life before he was brought to our AHS Newark facility in mid-February by someone that claimed to have found him as a stray.  We can't imagine that anything that happened in Tyson's former life was good though, judging by his emaciated state when he arrived.  It's one thing to be starving, dehydrated, and to have scrapes and abrasions everywhere, but it seems that something else has gone on in Tyson's life that goes far beyond normal neglect.

Tyson is such a special little puppy and when you see his pictures and video, the first thing you'll think is, "I want him!".  He is positively adorable, and his personality is even more adorable than he is!  He's only about four or five months old and this little, malnourished boxer puppy was only 21 pounds when he arrived in AHS Newark.  He was given some good meals and a thorough medical exam, where he was found to have many abrasions and showed signs of neglect, and it was also discovered that Tyson had a great deal of difficulty walking and keeping his balance.

Tyson was transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park for further evaluation and to continue on with his recovery and the first thing that Tyson had to overcome was a terrible cold that he picked up on the streets.  Despite his unhealthy state, Tyson had a good appetite and we're happy to say that he has already gained nearly 15 pounds!  He is now plump and extremely playful, and he got over his cold as well.  Now to address his difficulty with walking....

Tyson has more than just difficulty walking, he has some real neurological issues.  Tyson has trouble placing his feet in the right direction, trouble focusing, and he tends to flail about from time to time.  Our veterinarian has run several tests on him and thankfully, all have come back negative.  Rather than speculate on what is causing his issues, Tyson will be seeing a neurologist for a full work-up.  In the meantime, he will not be available for adoption until we have a better understanding of what is going on with him.  We do ask that you consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on his behalf.  Testing, hospital visits, etc., become quite costly, but we will do everything we can to ensure that Tyson lives a full and happy life, and we're so thankful to our supporters who enable us to do that. 

We hope to know more about what the future holds for little Tyson soon, and will update again on him in the future.  For more info, contact us at 609-693-1900 or email: and refer to File# 44251.  Thanks so much for your support!

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