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liberty- let go, and let down

What could possibly go so wrong in a pet's life that could lead them to become in a state such as this?  We see it so often, and we know that these pets loved their former families, and never did anything to deserve to suffer this way.  This super sweet cat never did anything wrong, yet some event occurred that led him to become the emaciated, nearly hairless cat that you see here today.

His name is Liberty and we imagine that he once had a luxurious coat, bright, wide eyes, healthy skin, and a plump physique.  That is definitely not the case now, but we're anxious to return him to a state of good health and happiness.  He was found as a stray in Waretown in early June, that turned up at a resident's home.  It was obvious that he was in desperate need of help.  Liberty was brought to AHS/Popcorn Park where his road to recovery begins.

Liberty could not have been out on his own forever.  He is much too friendly to have lived life as a loner.  He was someone's pet, but they obviously let him down.  Liberty is overjoyed to have good meals and lots of attention now, and although he has many medicated baths in his future, he's looking forward to making a complete recovery.  He will be in our care for quite a while and we ask that you make a donation to our ResQ Fund on his behalf, which is what enables us to help the him and so many others like him.  For more info on Liberty, call 609-693-1900 or email:  Thanks so much for your support.

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