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Guapo is learning to overcome his fears

The emotional wounds inflicted upon a pet that winds up in the wrong home are sometimes so much worse than the physical wounds.  Such is the case with Guapo, a boxer/pit bull mix that had both types of wounds when he was brought to AHS/Popcorn Park by people that claimed to have found him.  Guapo was so frightened and flinched at sudden movements and loud sounds, and we have to wonder if the large wound around his neck has anything to do with that.  After our ACO spoke to the people that brought Guapo in, she was able to find out that he was in fact, their dog, and that the wound around his neck was from a, "shock collar".  No wonder Guapo flinched when touched.....

Luckily Guapo, like so many wonderful animals, is strong and resilient, and he is not letting his past define him.  It only takes some coaxing and lots of love and kindness to get Guapo to get that tail of his wagging again.  This 11 month old guy is so happy to make new friends and he just soaks up all the attention you'll give him!

The wound on Guapo's neck is healing, with laser treatments and cleansing, and he's also on medications for infection and pain.  He's already feeling like a brand new pup.  Guapo is a well-behaved, playful boy that is learning to enjoy himself.  He has some fears but he's quickly putting all of that out of his mind and focusing on the good stuff!  The best cure will be when Guapo is in a great home, with a family that gives him all the love and attention he deserves.  If you're interested in giving that to him, contact us at 609-693-1900 or email: and refer to File# 46313.  Please consider making a donation toward Guapo's care.  Thanks so much for your support!

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