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The current global pandemic cannot help but change our lives and the way we go about them. AHS’ three shelters and Popcorn Park Refuge have also changed to meet these new demands so that we may continue to help animals. These stories and related news are all tucked into our August 2020 issue, Volume 51, No. 4.

Animals in need of our help continue to arrive such as those in our cover stories. Small dogs that have been severely neglected such as tiny Benji and a Shih Tzu and Yorkie duo – all matted, and suffering from various medical, skin and dental issues. Or Guapo, who came in frightened and injured from a shock collar. Take a look and see how these four have progressed!

And while you’re reading, look at our New Beginnings section – so many pets in loving homes, having benefitted from AHS’ care. And check out those waiting for adoption at our shelters, too! Our adoption process has changed during this challenging time, but they are still ready for your love.

Humane News - August 2020

It’s summer! Grab the iced tea or lemonade and download the August Humane News!

What’s going on in the animal world? Plenty! And plenty right here in New Jersey, too. Catch up with the latest news about all kinds of animals -- positive changes that have been made, and animals in desperate circumstances that need your awareness, and in some cases, action. AHS has also partnered with IDA (In Defense of Animals) for their August 1st Respect for Fish Day campaign – read all about it!

So much you will be excited to know. Download our August issue!

As animal lovers, we all want to help. We assure you, we are doing everything we can to protect, love and assist those who need us. Please help us help them with a donation. Thank you.

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