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kayne & ryla- abandoned by their puppy mill owner

When we received the desperate plea for a safe place for a beautiful bonded pair of dogs that had suffered such abuse and neglect, we knew we had to help.  Every photo that we were sent of these two showed the pair stuck to each other like glue and since we're an organization that strongly believes in keeping bonded pairs together, how could we refuse?  After reading the sad story of Kayne and Ryla, you'll see how deserving this sweet pair of dogs are of a great home, and a fresh start in life.

Kayne, a 2 year old male boxer mix, and his mom, Ryla, a 5 year old pit mix, were abandoned in a trailer by the owner that used Ryla as his own private puppy mill.  Ryla had a litter of puppies that were just two weeks old when her owner took off with her puppies, abandoning her in the trailer with no food or water.  Kayne was locked up in the bathroom, living in feces, urine and absolute squalor.  When the pair were discovered by a good samaritan, Kayne ran frantically to Ryla, who was so clearly down and despondent, and he would not leave her side, bringing her such comfort in her time of need.  The person that found them took them in, got them back on their feet, and kept them for quite a while but due to her own situation, she was unable to care for them any longer. 

Kayne and Ryla made their way to us at AHS/Popcorn Park and we are so happy to help these two sweet dogs.  We heard in advance of how loving Kayne and Ryla were and how much they loved people, and it's sure true!  They're both attention-hogs and just love everyone they meet.  Although they were kept outside for quite a while by their lousy owner, both dogs are housebroken, very well-behaved, and incredibly friendly.  They love cooling off in kiddie pools, running and playing together, and just want to be with people and each other.  They are not fans of cats or small animals but they're pretty ok with larger dogs.  They deserve to be loved and spoiled for the rest of their lives!  Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an appointment to meet Kayne and Ryla. 

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