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Beauty- Neglected Terribly Just Like Guapo...

Just when you think an animal has been rescued and is safe and sound, you find out that yet another animal is suffering terribly at the same neglectful hands as the first one!  You may remember Guapo's story from a couple of months ago.  He was a sweet and scared dog that was rescued from a life of fear and neglect.  He came to us with a horrendous neck wound that his former owners claimed was from a, "shock collar".  Guapo received lots of good medical care and plenty of TLC with us at AHS/Popcorn Park, and he got himself a fabulous new home!  Sadly, we found out that there is more to this story.....

(Guapo is pictured at right)


Beauty recently came to us from the same home and we are just appalled at the condition that this poor dog is in.  Apparently, Beauty is Guapo's sister, and was neglected even worse than her brother.  Since Beauty, who is just over a year old and one of the nicest dogs you'll ever meet, likes to stand on her hind legs to greet you, she was locked in a small crate, 24/7.  She was let out only to go to the bathroom in the yard, where she became infested with fleas.  Naturally, the flea infestation was left untreated, and Beauty developed a severe skin infection.  More than half of her hair is gone but now that she's with us and getting medical treatment, her coat will come back, shiny and healthy, in no time. 

Beauty was positively terrified upon arrival, but she has since discovered that she's in good hands, and she began smiling, wagging her tail non-stop, and she seems to be happier than she's ever been in her life!  She is an absolute doll that is gentle, loving, and affectionate.  She seems to be nervous to let her hair down and run and play but once she realizes she is allowed to, she lets loose and picks up every toy she can find, runs a few laps, then comes right back to you for lots of attention.  Beauty has been spayed and is receiving lots of good medical treatment, and we're looking forward to the day that she's all healed up.