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tipsy- let down when she needed her family most

We sure wish that Tipsy looked a little happier in her photos but the truth is, this is the face of a dog that has devoted her whole life to her family, given her unconditional love and loyalty, and was given up just when she needed them most- in her golden years.  We don't know Tipsy's age because her owner gave no information at all about her.  They simply didn't want her any longer.  She was not given up due to a hardship in someone's life, this is not that kind of story.  She was just plain given up, and it broke this dog's heart.

When Tipsy arrived at AHS/Popcorn Park from our Newark facility, she had difficulty walking from the van into the building.  Medical evaluation revealed that Tipsy was completely emaciated, her muscles atrophied, she had several mammary masses, she was never even spayed, and she had a terrible upper respiratory infection and intestinal upset.  We made Tipsy comfortable and gave her all the comfy blankets, cool, clean water, and good food that she could ask for, and started her on medications.  While in the beginning, Tipsy struggled to take a few steps without stumbling and falling, she now has the spring back in her step, and is on the road to recovery.

We are happy to say that Tipsy has put on quite a bit of much-needed weight, her infections have resolved, and it's obvious that she's feeling so much better.  She now has no trouble walking and loves to trot around our exercise yard, checking out all there is to see.  Tipsy is the sweetest girl, at least 10 years old, that is so well-behaved.  She prides herself on the fact that she will catch every treat you toss for her in mid-air and wants nothing more than to plop on your feet and get lots of attention.  Tipsy will be spayed and have her mammary masses removed and evaluated shortly and then she'll be looking for a home where she will get all the love and attention that she deserves.