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There’s always a boatload of news about animals you want to know, so please … dig in to our October Humane News!

Whether due to the hot summer weather or the pandemic and the havoc it has created in many people’s lives, we can’t be sure, but AHS and Popcorn Park have been called on to rescue so many animals in need, and too many of them, cruelty cases.

Read about our rescues of neglected and abused kittens, dogs and cats, an orphaned coyote, ensnared snakes, and so many more. The key word here is RESCUED! These are the lucky ones … all safe and recovered or in the process of becoming well.

Download the October issue here!

Humane News - August 2020

Check out the latest update on out Gift Auction; a special feature on the dangers facing outdoor cats; an exposé on the use of live rabbits in training greyhounds; the cruel and unhealthy conditions often suffered by farmed fish; a great organization cleaning tons of plastic from the ocean – this issue has it all and more.

New Beginnings? We have some great ones! Deserving dogs and cats for adoption? Check them out! Popcorn Park animals awaiting sponsorship? You bet!

Enjoy it all and download the October issue!

Caring for so many animals, especially those in great need, takes more than the devotion of staff – it takes your support. Please help us help all those who need us. Thank you.

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