Associated Humane Societies
& Popcorn Park


Reward Offered in Case of Cat Being Put Out For the Trash

You'll have to excuse the bluntness of this, but what the hell is wrong with people?  What are people thinking when they toss unwanted pets away like garbage?  This pet was actually tossed away, WITH the garbage!  On Sept. 16th, Wednesday, which is garbage pick-up day in the town where this occurred, this cat was put out for the garbage.  A homeowner came home and saw that someone had placed a pet carrier near his garbage cans.  The carrier was turned inwards, possibly in the hopes that when the garbage was picked up, no one would look inside and see the cat sitting inside it.  Our ACO, Maria, was dispatched to the scene and retrieved the frightened cat right away.

Here at AHS/Popcorn Park, we have an ACO like Maria, who makes it her life's work to rescue every wayward animal from the dangers of the streets, and good, dedicated staff who dedicate their lives to the betterment of animal's lives, which is why we are truly sick and tired of seeing defenseless animals being treated this way.  Hopefully if we keep telling their stories, maybe more people will speak up on their behalf.  Maybe we'll get the message across that this must stop.