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Achilles- the latest victim of severe neglect

The look of sadness and defeat that is so evident in a neglected pet's eyes is one that we see far too often, but nevertheless breaks your heart every single time.  We wish we never had to see this type of extreme neglect again but as long as some unfortunate pets continue to be treated as throwaway objects, all we can do is to do our best to help the ones that come to us at Associated Humane Societies.  Achilles is the latest to arrive in such a horrific state, having suffered extreme neglect for quite some time.

Achilles is about 7 years old and he was brought in by his owner to our AHS Newark facility in a cage, in the back of a pick-up truck.  The pictures of this poor dog sitting in the back of this truck tell you his story.  The sadness is evident, the heartbreak and defeat couldn't be more plain to see.....