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Stella- Emaciated, Neglected, then Abandoned

We truly wish that we had some, "after" photos to go along with this story of Stella but when an animal suffers this kind of extreme neglect, they do not make a complete turnaround overnight.  Nor does it only take a couple of weeks, some good meals, and a few baths.  For a dog like Stella, a middle-aged Mastiff that came in weighing only a mere 47 pounds, with most of her hair missing, skin like sandpaper, multiple infections, and her overall health badly compromised, the recovery process takes much longer.  Don't worry though, we are in it for the long haul with Stella......she sure deserves all that we can do for her.

Stella was found on September 25th in New Brunswick, NJ in a terrible and pitiful way.  She was abandoned at the end of a street, near the cemetery, laying on a blanket with a food bowl nearby.  Why on earth someone took the time to load up this poor dog with her blanket and food bowl, then just dump her somewhere that would be difficult for anyone to find her is beyond us.  They could have taken her to a shelter, or dropped her off at a vet's office.  No, they left her for dead.

Stella has the look of a defeated soul who has long since forgotten what is was like to be loved and cared for.  We hope to restore her faith in humanity but first, restoring her health is top priority.  Her health is not good right now, obviously, but we expect that everything is related to the severe neglect that she has suffered.  She is at our AHS Newark facility where she is on a long list of daily medications, she is kept comfortable on warm blankets and given plenty of good meals, she is getting frequent medicated baths for her skin, and she is getting lots of extra love and attention from the staff.  She is already feeling a bit better, and she enjoys getting more attention than she has probably ever received in her life.

Stella has a long, long road to recovery ahead of her, and we hope that you will consider making a donation toward her care, and the care of others like her that are helped by our ResQ Fund here at AHS.  All of these animals that come to us in such a neglected state deserve everything that we can do for them to give them a fresh start in life, and we're grateful to all of you for helping us to do that.  For information on Stella, please contact our Newark facility at 973-824-7080 and refer to File#48311.  Please stay tuned for further progress reports and thanks for your support.

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