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The saga of star continues...

Star sure has had a tough time of it since she arrived back in May in such a sad state. Star was just a puppy, really, when she was roaming the city streets of Newark back in the spring.  She was spotted several times, hanging around the Popeye's Chicken in Newark and one morning, someone was able to get the little dog and tied her to the van in front of our AHS Newark branch.  Poor Star had a prolapsed rectum, which is a very serious condition, and she underwent emergency surgery to repair it.

Star made a fast recovery and once she was stable, she was transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park to continue on her road to recovery.  We fell in love with this happy little ball of spunkiness!  Star is a French bulldog mix, and despite the fact that someone cut her ears in an attempt to make her look tough, Star is probably made of pure sugar.....she's just that sweet!  Even when her cherry eye condition worsened, she still remained so happy and bubbly.  Then when gastrointestinal problems plagued her, Star kept her positive outlook on life.  Nothing gets her down! 

In recent months, Star has undergone countless tests, medication trials, and consultations with specialists regarding her intestinal issues.  She recently had an endoscopy which revealed that the root of Star's problems is inflammatory bowel disease.  We are starting Star on a new course of medications in order to get her feeling good again and treat her condition, and she sure could use your thoughts and well wishes. 

Despite all she's been through, she keeps on smiling, wiggling her little nub of a tail, and loving everyone. We hope that eventually, we will get Star's condition under control and she can finally begin her search for a wonderful home.  In the meantime, please consider contributing toward her care and others like her through our ResQ Fund.  We will update again soon on Star, so please stay tuned, and thanks so much for your support!  For more info on Star, call 609-693-1900 and refer to File#45590.

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