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at only a year old, tye underwent major surgery twice already...

Tye has been through so much in his young life.  He's only a little over a year old now but his story began when he was found as a stray way back in January of this year when he was just a puppy.  Tye was severely neglected.  He was very thin and had double cherry-eyes that we repaired.  Tye was adopted briefly by a wonderful previous adopter, but Tye seemed to be jealous-type toward the other dog and showed that he prefers to be an only pet.

Tye was later adopted again.  At first, the adopters returned Tye, due to having second thoughts as to whether or not they could afford such a large dog.  They quickly came back for him but unfortunately, months later, he was returned because they claimed that their homeowner's insurance would not allow him.  Tye came back with a severely injured hind leg that tests revealed was caused by a luxating patella.  So, at less than a year old, Tye underwent his second major surgery already!

Tye wants to send his heartfelt thanks to so many of you that sent your well-wishes for his recent luxating patella surgery that he had at North Star Vets.  He came through like a real trooper and is on the mend!  He is on cage-rest for several weeks and is receiving laser therapy and will begin physical therapy soon too.  Although he may have a lengthy recovery ahead of him, we expect a full recovery, and he'll finally be ready for a great home of his own soon!  Check out the latest video of Tye in action!

This super sweet Cane Corso doesn't let any of this get him down.  He's a big lug that loves everyone he meets and just wants to plop his giant paw down on your knee and get lots of attention.  Once he's completely recovered, Tye will be looking for the best home ever, and he sure deserves it!  If you're interested in him when he becomes available, call 609-693-1900 or email: and refer to File#43898.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Tye and so many others like him that come to us in desperate need of help.  Please stay tuned for more progress reports on Tye! 

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