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mimi's junkyard dog days are over...

They write songs about these dogs;  kids taunt them, animal-hating adults use them as target practice with rocks & b-b guns, you may drive by a junkyard dog and not even know that they're there.  They sit on the cold asphalt, dragging around a heavy chain, with no comfort, no joy in life, no one that cares about them or make them feel that their life is worth anything more than guarding a load of junk.

In 2015, AHS became heavily involved with a guard dog named Butch (pictured at left) who was chained in a junkyard in the brutal winter in Plainfield. It took us several months of constant pressure on the owners, the townspeople, and bringing media attention to his plight and finally, an ordinance was passed in the city that would help Butch, and so many others like him.  We have had several sad tales of junkyard dogs over the years, one more heartbreaking than the next.

Most recently, this female Mastiff was picked up by the AHS Animal Control Officer in pitiful shape after being kept on a heavy chain to guard a car lot. When the original owner was traced and contacted, he stated he gave the dog away but didn't want the dog anymore, so she ended up abandoned at the car lot. 

When our ACO picked her up, this heartbroken lass had been through it all --  it was obvious that Mimi had resigned herself to whatever fate had in store for her.  The 3 year old received no love or loyalty from anyone who she came in contact with throughout her life -- just used as a guard dog.  She had an untreated infected eye and was just skin and bones.  The disappointment of leading a life of misuse, neglect and poor treatment, showed all over her face.

Mimi is now comfortable and cared for, for probably the first time in her life.  She's getting good meals, warm blankets, and all the medical care that she needs.  She will be recuperating at our AHS/Popcorn Park facility and once recovered, she'll be looking for the best home ever, like she's never had before. Please call 609-693-1900 or email: for more info on Mimi and refer to File#39201.  Please consider a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Mimi and so many others like her, that we take in out of the cold, off their chains, and give a fresh start in life to.

Mimi update 11/24

Mimi is doing so well!  She's under medical treatment for a whipworm infestation and infected sores on her elbows and hocks.  She's receiving antibiotics and pain meds and her weight is being closely monitored as well.  She will undergo surgery as soon as she is well for bilateral entropion and cherry eye.  Thanks so much for your well wishes and support for Mimi!  Check out her latest video.

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