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herman the husky found howling in pain

Herman the husky is happy to be safe and sound these days!  A concerned Irvington, NJ resident called our Newark facility on a Saturday morning to report that there was an injured dog laying on the side of their neighbor's house, howling and appearing to be in pain.  An ACO was dispatched to the scene and when he arrived at the home where the dog was laying, he knocked on the homeowner's door.  The person that answered said that the dog turned up there the day before, howling and, "making a lot of noise".  When asked why they didn't call someone for help for the dog, they replied, "Why? They won't come anyway". 

The intact male husky was taken back to AHS Newark where he was immediately examined by the veterinarian.  He was limping and had some superficial wounds on his left front leg, but aside from that, and being on the thin side, there didn't appear to be any visible injuries.  He was x-rayed and thankfully, no fractures were found.  He was dispensed pain medication, made comfortable, and enjoyed some good meals before being transferred to AHS/Popcorn Park for further treatment.

This incredibly happy husky is now called Herman, and we love this sweet, friendly guy already.  He's around 3 years old and Herman still has his limp, but he doesn't let it stop him from running and playing, and he's having a ball making new friends every day and getting lots of attention.  He's been medically evaluated and was found to have an abrasion on his left leg, as well as a single puncture wound.  Hopefully with antibiotics, pain meds, rest, and a little laser therapy, Herman will be back on all fours in no time!  In the meantime, he's eating well, putting on weight, and he's looking forward to the future. 

Herman is not currently available as he will need to be on cage rest for a little while.  For more info on Herman, call 609-693-1900 or email: and refer to File#49264.  Please consider making a donation to our ResQ Fund on behalf of Herman, and the many others like him that come to us every day for help.  Thanks so much for your support! 

(Check out Herman's video!)

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