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Winnie- Abandoned in a Park in the Rain

The weather in Newark, NJ was cold and stormy at the time that this sad, sweet dog was tied up to a fence in Weequahic Park and abandoned.  She was left with a bowl and a container of food, all of which were completely soaked due to the heavy downpours.  She was also wearing an orange shirt, which we fear could have misled people passing by her to believe that she was a service dog of some sort, just waiting there for her owner.  Eventually, a good samaritan called for help, but not before she endured how many cold, lonely, rainy nights...

Winnie was happy to be brought to AHS-Newark by our ACO and get dry and warm.  She was checked out by the veterinarian and found to be in fairly good health.  We can't imagine why someone would abandon this sweet and gentle dog in such a way but thankfully, she was found before any harm or illness could befall her.