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Senior pets should never have to suffer like this....

Many of us with senior pets would do anything in our power to make them as comfortable as possible in their golden years.  Can you imagine having a loving, loyal, senior pet, and just sitting idly by, watching him deteriorate and do nothing?  It's heartbreaking, and knowing that this has happened to Jack, a 14 year old English Springer Spaniel, has broken all of our hearts at AHS/Popcorn Park.

Jack was loved and cared for throughout his life by a good person that loved him.  When his owners divorced, Jack went to live with one of his owners, as his other owner became seriously ill and could not continue to care for him.  That is when Jack's life fell apart.  An anonymous caller tipped off our ACO, Maria, to the neglect that Jack was suffering.  When Maria arrived to check on Jack, she was shocked at the state of him.  He was thin, flea-infested, weak, and was missing so much hair.