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Rescued from a life outdoors....

Something sure went wrong in this sweet cat's life for him to end up in such a state.  This senior cat was found huddled under a car in an auto repair yard in New Egypt, NJ one cold day.  The poor guy was severely matted, infested with fleas, he had dental disease and was quite thin and sickly too.  Can you believe with all that, all he wanted to do was purr and be petted?!  It turns out, he was a TNR cat, meaning someone thought he was feral, so he was trapped, neutered, and released to live his life outdoors.  The only problem was, he was never meant to live a life outdoors, and he was most certainly not feral.

How we helped...

We've named this cuddly, loving boy Corvette, and he's about 12 years old.  Corvette had to be completely shaved down as there was just no getting through the terribly matted fur that he was entangled in for so long.  He was treated for fleas and he also underwent a full dental where some diseased teeth were extracted.  Corvette is feeling like a kitten these days and couldn't be happier! 

Corvette was matted terribly