Prince of Plainfield

At this point in this life, Prince should be sprawled out on a comfy bed in his own home, with people that consider him a part of the family.  Since this senior sweetheart was given up by his family in June, 2019, due to issues with their landlord, he has become a part of our family.  Though we still have hopes to see him back in a home of his own someday, we are happy to have him trot around his huge yard in Animal Haven Farm, squeaking his toys to his heart's content and basking in the sunshine.  

Prince has been to all three of our facilities and was overlooked for so long when adopters came along.  Perhaps it's his age, or the fact that he's a little neurological and has a tilted head and crooked tail.  Whatever the reason, he hasn't had much interest, but we love him all the same.  He's a fun, sweet, gentle guy that loves everyone.  While Prince awaits a home of his own, he would love for you to become his newest sponsor!

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  • Prince of Plainfield
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